Are you ready to connect the blog plus the Twitter and accounts you will be using for Networked Narratives?

By the time you have followed the path here in the Labyrinthus, you should already have a blog set up (it need not be fancy) and at least one thing posted to it, and set up your twitter and hypothesis accounts, if you choose to use them.

We ask for the information about your blogs location, so that all your alchemical notes, discoveries that you publish in your own site can be shared, mixed, and viewed with those of other participants. The twitter and hypothesis usernames are for a new personal dashboard tool still being brewed in the lab.

Before going any further, you should have the following information:

  • The public web address for your blog, the link that shows it front page. If you have not reviewed options, return to Chrysopoeia
  • The RSS Feed URL for your blog (if this perplexed you do not worry, we have an option to request one of our web gophers to figure it out)
  • Your twitter username. If you have not reviewed options, return to Circulus
  • Your hypothesis username. If you have not reviewed options, return to Rosarium

With these in hand, let’s feed the laboratory machine.

Featured Image: “Ring a Day 8/365” flickr photo by MetalRiot shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license