Learning about digital alchemy means much reading web-based manuscript, books, of spells, and the ideas of others.

How do you remember and take notes while reading? In the books on our own shelves, we might jot notes in the margins or highlight key sections with a special pen. In the modern web, we can do this as well, with a tool for web annotation, which provides a special layer of information atop web content. The rest of the ordinary world may never know this is there.

But there is more, in that we can do this in manner that we can see and respond to other digital alchemists reading the same information, so annotation becomes both a tool for us as individuals and a social one where we do this activity together.

In Netnarr we will use the hypothes.is tool, for which you will need to create a (free) account. For this part of the Labyrinthus process, we will just create our accounts. We will learn more about it soon.

In this corridor of Labyrinthus, you will wither create a hypothes.is account if you have never used it before or make sure you can access and use an existing account.

I have never used hypothes.is before, so I will create a new account

I have an existing hypothes.is account I will use for NetNarr

Nahhh, I am not wanting to do hypothes.is

Feature Image: Pixabay image by kalhh shared unto the public domain using a CC0 license