Here you stand at a starting point for Networked Narratives. Are you ready?

While not a labyrinth per se, it has not strict walls nor a Minotaur, think of this as a guided path for setting up the first online tools you will use as part of this experience.

First, let is say at this doorway (not a gate), that we force no one to use an online tool to which they might have an objection or a concern. We will provide alternative paths for each. There are always, always multiple options in Networked Narratives.

Are you ready to enter Labyrinthus? This may take 30 minutes to an hour to a lifetime. Most likely not the latter.

Yes, let’s get started

No, I’ll think about it and come back maybe later

If you are an experienced explorer of the web, and you are peeking at URL names, it will not help you guess where we are going!

Featured Image: “Lions-Gate-Mycenae.jpg” Wikimedia Commons photo by Andreas Trepte shared under a CC BY-SA license, modified by Alan Levine with overlay of Networked Narratives logo on original image