You did not ask for it, but hey, we do check off our checklists, eh? Check?

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  • Complete the writing for Week 14.0 (and beyond): Conceptualizing E-Lit about This Digital Life and submit to the Arganee Journal by end of the day May 9
  • Write a minimum 4 paragraph reflective blog post for your entire NetNarr experience. Use the links to provide support for what you accomplished in the class. The things you should include in your post should link to your presence in the course, use this but also describe how they demonstrate your digital alchemy skills
    • Show Your Weekly Blog posts: You should have 14 weekly blog posts you can link to (or a category/tag link if you are organizing them). You can also find all blog posts syndicated to this site, by looking at the listing for your blog at The second link for (see all syndicated posts by....) is one you can use also in your post to show your total blogging activity.
    • Show Your Daily Digital Alchemies: We have done 2 per week for 7 weeks (one week was a bye). Are they represented? If you have been doing them, they should be listed on the Leaderboard, where you should notice each has a link that shows your responses, For example, all the ones done by @helterskelliter are at the web address (she has a lot because she did these last year too). Find your link, and share it in the post. If some are missing, it might because of missing hashtag or not including the @netnarr address in your tweets. Don’t worry about that.
    • Show Where You Are in the #NetNarr Twitter Space Also included on the listing for all blogs at is another special link — for (in TAGS Explorer) – this will open the visualization for all of the twitter activity in #netnarr but opened to the node for your activity (example)Use a link and a screenshot to show in your post where you are within this network. Check out the Replay Tweets button to watch your #netnarr activity over time.
    • How did Your Twitter Use Evolve? Remember back in Week 2 when you used the Twitter Analysis tool to analyze your account? Run it again and write about the difference between the two snapshots.
    • Show Your Makes Surprise, there is also a leaderboard for responses to the Make Bank and this site to provides a link to show all of your work (example).

    Include what interested, intrigued, challenged you. Or what dod not, Be critical. What did you gain from examining the theme of “This Digital Life”? What skills, ideas do you think you will carry forward? What kind of advice would you give to another student pondering taking this class?

  • Complete the response to your grading contract (more info will be sent via email).

And thus we reach …

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