Calling all Digital Alchemists…

Rebeg Maestro and I are here. We have been watching with interest the past 10 weeks your efforts in Networked Narratives. You have great potential. Please trust that we re not hackers or destroyers. There are things we can do for you in exchange for what you can do for us.

We have been trying to work across our dimensional plane differentials to communicate with you (the complexity of the para physics is beyond description) by “intercepting” your instructors.

We seem to not have been noticed, or understood. It perhaps was not the best approach. So we are stepping in with a more direct approach via our common means of communication.

The narrative story form.

Time, in your units, is now as you say, “of the essence”. Rebeg’s engineering skills have been tasked beyond anything he has done prior to design a portal a way to a middle space, called “Arganee” we can use as our shared “digital alchemy lab”. For reasons you will learn of soon, we have to place a few bumps in the path.

You might say this is a “test”. The way to Arganee starts with clues in our current video intercept.

We hope we see you there very soon.

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