Here is a digital power alchemy tip that you may find useful in other ways.

Let’s say you want to share a specific moment within a YouTube video, wouldn’t it be useful to make a link that starts the video right at that moment?

We are doing this for our discussions about the Studio Visits — the video archives are almost an hour, but if we are discussing one key idea, we want you to be able to watch (or share) that exact moment.

If you watch the video on YouTube, when you click the “Share” tab there a a box you can check labeled “start at”:

The link it creates will than start the video right at the point it is playing (or paused). While the video is playing, it will keep updating the share link.

So find the moment of the point you want to share, and use the twitter share button to tweet the link and add the #netnarr hashtag.

Here is an example

If you are participating live in an event, you may want to jot notes like “interesting question about character development about 20 minutes in” so you can find that exact moment later when reviewing the archive.

Featured Image: CC0 public domain image from pixabay

Alan Levine
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