In fourth third studio visit meet with educators Remi Kalir and Keegan Long-Wheeler to talk about the potentials for games and learning.

Remi and Keegan will join us via Google Hangout March 19 at 4:00PM EDT in a session scheduled outside Kean University class time.

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You can watch the hangout live from here (which will also be the archive after the visit). We encourage live tweeting as well via the #netnarr hashtag.

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About Remi

Web Site:
Twitter: @remikalir

My research on educator learning and everyday digital media practices focuses upon two interconnected strands of inquiry: (a) Enacting participatory and sociotechnical design processes for educators’ professionally-relevant learning; and (b) Investigating mobile media and educator learning across professional, digital, community, and cultural settings. I have advanced both research strands through collaborative and iterative design-based research, engagement with educators’ problems of practice, and playful approaches to professional development.

I am an Assistant Professor of Information and Learning Technologies at the University of Colorado Denver School of Education and Human Development. Since joining the CU Denver faculty in January of 2015, I have been named a Creative Research Collaborative Fellow and a member of the University of Colorado President’s Teaching and Learning Collaborative. I was a 2016 National Science Foundation Data Consortium Fellow, and through that fellowship initiated a research collaboration with the non-profit organization Hypothesis to advance Playful Annotation with Hypothesis Studying Interactive Text (PAHSIT).

About Keegan

Web Site:
Twitter: @KeeganSLW

I’m a certified chemistry teacher and I use my background in science, pedagogies, and technical expertise to provide others with holistic solutions to their instructional and technological needs. Usually my students are faculty members at the University of Oklahoma who want to learn more about integrating technologies into their courses.

Officially, I’m an Educational Technologist at the Center for Teaching Excellence and teach instructors how to:

  • Integrate iPads into their teaching
  • Use blogging to engage students
  • Engage students in game design
  • Crowdsource study guides using collaborative documents
  • Engage students in active learning practices
  • Produce instructional videos
  • Facilitate audio/video student peer-reviewing
  • Use Twitter in the classroom
  • Explore and introduce OER materials
  • And much, much more!

As an Educational Technologist I’m also responsible for providing professional development, consultations, and innovative pedagogies using technology.

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