Our second studio is a special opportunity to learn first hand about the influences and creative processes of digital artist Emilio Vavarella.

Emilio will join us via Google Hangout February 13 at 1:00PM EDT in a session scheduled outside of class meeting time.

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If you want to join the hangout sign up for a slot; preference is given for Kean University and University of Bergen students, but we keep a few for open participants.

You can also watch it from here (which will also be the archive after the visit). We encourage live tweeting as well via the #netnarr hashtag.

About Emilio

Emilio’s web site

From his web site CV:

Emilio Vavarella is an artist whose work blends interdisciplinary art practice and theoretical research and is centered around the study of the relationship between humans and technological power. His works present a combination of using new technologies with alternative (non-productive, poetic, dysfunctional) goals in mind, imagining technology’s future effects through the use of speculative fiction, and decontextualizing and misusing technology to reveal its hidden mechanisms.

Emilio is currently working toward a PhD in Film and Visual Studies and Critical Media Practice at Harvard University.

Installation of “The Sicilian Family” exhibit

Explore Emilio’s Projects

To familiarize yourself with his digital art, please explore a few of his projects:

  • Memoryscapes “investigates how memory and reality affect one another, through notions of architecture and related mental images, resulting in a complex body of work that includes immersive audio installations, multimedia documentation, and cutting-edge holographic technology.” http://emiliovavarella.com/memoryscapes/
  • The Sicilian Family “is composed of 44 digital elaborations of vintage analog photographs… My alteration forces my memories to coexist with the image in an unforeseeable and new way.” http://emiliovavarella.com/archive/the-sicilian-family/
  • Report a Problem “is about the relationship between humans, power, and technological errors… I traveled on Google Street View photographing all the ‘wrong landscapes’ I encountered before others could report the problems and prompt the company to adjust the images. Common landscapes are transformed by Google’s unexpected technical errors into something new.” http://emiliovavarella.com/archive/google-trilogy/report-a-problem/
  • Digital Pareidolia “In four months, I uploaded all the photos from my personal archive to my Facebook profile: 30,000 files acquired since 2005. This is the equivalent, on global average, to the number of photos uploaded to Facebook every 10 seconds… Together, facial recognition technologies, social networks and computer databases create a digital persona for each individual, which often escapes the control and knowledge of the real individual, and whose influence is not solely limited to a virtual existence.” http://emiliovavarella.com/archive/digital-pareidolia/
  • Transiconmorphosis “is an interactive artwork developed in collaboration with Fito Segrera that proposes an ambiguous and experimental communication system for the near future, the result of a theoretical reflection on the development of new forms of technological communication, their effects on human beings, as well as their political effects.” http://emiliovavarella.com/transiconmorphosis/
  • Animal Cinema “is a film composed of fragments of videos of animals operating cameras. All cameras were stolen by animals who acted autonomously… Animal Cinema continues my investigation of non-anthropocentric visual intensities: a new regime of images seems to be emerging in the tension between ideas of sensorial contact, encounter, and closeness, and the presence of the unthought, the unsummonable, the inexplicable and the undecidable.” http://emiliovavarella.com/animal-cinema/

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