The word does not exist nor is it a place but this virtual space, one where, as a network, we will, as a network, compile the best resources for the topics of this course,

The Referencium is the place where we will collaboratively build and curate a resource collection for the overall NetNarr theme of This Digital Life as well as the three genres of Digital Art, Gaming, and Electronic Literature.

The process will include an open editable Google Doc for a first cut brainstorming. Each entry includes a resource title, author, source, URL, a summary annotation with the relevance to Netnarr, and a twitter handle of the contributor.

Each document will have an editor (your instructor for the first one, and graduate students for the remaining three) responsible for organizing and editing as needed. When complete, it will be transferred as a final published resource to the Arganee Journal.

What can go in the Referencium? Any article, blog post, video, paper that is publically available on the web. Where will you find them? They will come in the course of reading and researching for your NetNarr coursework. Off limits are the resources specifically assigned for readings, but anything that is references/linked from those is fair game.

There is also a new corridor of this web site, a flow of Readings, Links, and More. One source is a set of sites bookmarked by your instructor. But the other comes from… the network.

This is how anyone can contribute to the Referencium by tweeting any relevant links with the #netnarrlinks hashtag.

Referencium Contents

  • This Digital Life: Editor: @cogdog Current Status: Published.
  • Digital Art Editors: @stryii & @helterskelliter
    Current Status: Published
  • Games and Game Mechanics Editors: @Kmarzinsky & @Justinsightfuls Current Status: Published.
  • Electronic Literature Editors: @mrsjayj & @rissacandiloro Current Status: Published.

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