A little eager, are ye? Not afraid to click any old button?

We are not conjuring tricks here, so put away the glitter. In tonight’s class Kean University students are sent on a mission in the library to identify and photograph ordinary objects that have magical powers, capabilities most people cannot see.

What might this be?

  • An ordinary book that contains magic spells.
  • An ordinary doorway that leads to another dimension, or time period, a portal
  • An ordinary object like a roll of tape, a small unmarked box, a stapler that has hidden inside of it, secret crystals that grant special powers.

In groups the students will take photos of their object, and in a live twitter netprov starting at ~ 6:00PM EST, each group will introduce / describe the object in twitter. Anyone participating can tweet their suggestions how to interact with the object to awaken it’s powers (“knock 4 times on the door”) (“open the book to page 192”). The group who found the object will tweet pack possible actions that happen.

Can we netprov the ordinary into the super extra-ordinary? How does this play out without a script?

The Four Objects

Featured image: The Great A’Tuin Star Turtle flickr photo by Lamerie shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license