The Magic Box is equipped to find a URL for a blog’s RSS feed; this is a special web address we use to get the latest posts from your blog added to this site.

Note the magic only works if you want every post from your blog to be sent here; if you are using a tag or category from an existing blog, you will need to use the instructions on the blog signup form to identify your RSS Feed.

Enter your blog’s URL in the box below and press the button. Note that must be the web address that displays your blog to a web visitor when you are not logged in to your site (you might try a different browser or your mobile device for testing).

Wait for MAGIC. The Magic Box will try to find an RSS feed, and you can then test the link to make sure it works. If the magic works and you have found your feed, copy and save it in a place here later you can find it.

Enter the web address for your blog, the one that displays your site.

Featured Image: modified from "The magic box" flickr photo by CDN Aviator shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license