You are experienced as a web annotator, eh? Good. Well at least you have a account.

And you know what that yellow text above means, right? This page comes ready to use

The tool is already turned on for this page; click the top “<" button to open it.[/caption] You can use the login link to access your account now. Or you can do this on the site

login link to

You may want to update or edit your profile settings (under the person icon in the hypothesis tool). Review your past use of tags– and try to remember for this round of NetNarr to use that as a tag on everything you annotate related to this class.

If logged in you should be able to see your history and some measures of activity of your past annotation. This is a side benefit of making annotations or highlights, the tool keeps a record for you… at a public URL based on your username, like

[caption id="attachment_19338" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Someone’s activity … note that using tags is a good way to organize your annotation activity.

Make sure you remember or jot down somewhere your username, you will need that later,

If you have not done so before see step two of the Getting Started guide for links on adding the tools to your browser. When you are done maybe you can practice annotating or responding to others in the notes for this page.

I have my account set up, what’s next?

Feature Image: Pixabay image by johnhain shared unto the public domain using a CC0 license