You’ve tweeted before. Maybe a lot. You know all about participating here.

Still, it is a good idea to create a different account for Networked Narratives. All of our weirdness might scare off your 100,000s of followers. Or you might want to explore a different persona.

If you are logged into your current account, you should log out. Or create the account in a different web browser.

We suggest that you create a twitter username that does not include any self-identifiers. Use a nickname, a cartoon character, a favorite movie character, maybe a username you use elsewhere.

If it has been a while since you made your account, just as an FYI, when you create a new twitter account, you will be asked for your full name. You are not required to use your real name; maybe start with just your first name. Or create a name for a character.

Likewise it will ask for a phone number, look closely for the “skip” link below the button.

It will suggest a username based on whatever you entered in the first step, you can use any of the suggestions or try your own. It helps populate your first timeline. But again, do not use anything the identifies you or where you go to school.

More questions- it will ask about interests. We suggest just skipping. Twitter keeps wanting more information.

Next it will suggest people to “follow”, mostly celebrities, politicians, maybe even a US President. If you leave them all checked, all of their tweets will show up in your timeline. Again. Lets click the Select All button and make sure nothing is selected. Or only a few that you are truly interested in seeing what they tweet.

You know the drill. This link will open in a new window.

Go make yourself a brand new twitter account

Welcome back!

You have a brand new twitter account? Dress it up, start following folks, and join in the discussions in the #netnarr hash tag stream.

Be on the look out to welcome new twitter users. Help them get rid of the egg avatar and more useful tidbits.

If you are not already a user, with multiple accounts you might try something like Tweetdeck to manage multiple accounts and follow the hashtag in a column.

I have my new shiny twitter account set up, what’s next?

Featured Image: Pixabay photo shared under a CC0 license