You got twitter under control. Groovy. Use your existing account for Networked Narratives.

Set yourself up on your computer maybe with a Tweetdeck column for #netnarr tweets. Tweetdeck allows you to create sliced views of twitter activity that are more specific to your interests, and frees you from the algorithmic casting of what the main web interface provides.

If you used this account last year for NetNarr, welcome back. The time to use the web interface is to go to, log in, and click Edit Profile — this may be a good time to change your icon, background image, and the information that is in the profile.

Be on the lookout to welcome new netnarr twitter users. Help them get rid of the egg avatar and more useful tidbits. Offer them your sage wit and wisdom. Remember how it was to be brand new to this place. Model using the #netnarr tags. Get and share familiarity with checking the state of the network using the Twitter TAGs tools:

I’m good to go with my regular twitter account, what’s next?

Featured Image: “Image from page 128 of “Aunt May’s bird talks” (1900)” flickr photo by Internet Archive Book Images shared with no copyright restriction (Flickr Commons)