It is just a rumor, but there are sounds of tinkering and occasional explosions in the #netnarr laboratory. Does this mean Arganee is active?

Most likely yes, and there will be a new round of an open course, in perhaps a new dimension starting in mid January. 2019.

Not Happening No Way GIF by Sarah Zucker - Find & Share on GIPHY

Details are still appearing, and we will know from here and/or following @netnarr on twitter.

Yes, like the classic game, #netnarr is playing again! You can see Wednesday when the Daily Digital Alchemy lights up again.

modified from “Capt. Til. Huston & Bill Donovan, Yanks” a public domain image from the Library of Congress

Featured Image: Photo from I think I pulled a G or something by By Staff Sgt. Andrea Thacker, 23rd Wing Public Affairs used as a public domain work by a US Government agency.

Alan Levine
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