Is there a game for developing empathy towards NetNarr checklists? Here are the tasks for you to level up in Week 9.

This is your list Week 9.0: Seriously Yours, Games, it sounds like a list.

“Listening to Music” image by Petr Kratochvil shared into the public domain

  • Dailies. Complete two Daily Digital Alchemies this week. You should be embedding or at least linking to your DDAs in your blog post. And also writing about your thinking or ideas behind them.
  • Referencium Continue adding at least one item to the Referencium for games and gaming.Use new document to add your items.

    You will find a number of potential links from this week’s announcement and ones mentioned during the Studio visit with Remi Kalir and Keegan Long-Wheeler.

  • Another Serious Game Explore at least one of the other serious games we explored in class. Or try one of the other ones listed on the Digital Identities and Digital Literacies in an Intercultural Context course site.
  • Review a Student Game Prototype Pick one American University in Cairo’s student blog post to review and give feedback on their Narrative game idea. Add your name or twitter handle in the shared doc under NetNarr student reviewer (it’s okay if more than one Kean student is listed, but try to make sure all of their posts have at least one reviewer).

    In your comment do more than offering affirmation like “great idea!”; provide constructive feedback that might help them shape their game idea. What would make the game better? What is it missing? How might the rules be modified? Will it accomplish it’s goals? And introduce yourself, and maybe invite the AUC studeny to read and comment on one of your blog posts.

  • Audio Make Give your best effort to completing the Digital / Gamed Life Sound Effect Story Make. You will find there some links to places you can hear other student’s sound effect stories. Publish your final story to SoundCLoud, and use that URL in your Make Bank response. You can embed SoundCloud directly in a WordPress blog by putting a SoundCloud URL on a blank line; in other blog tools you can copy the Embed code from soundcloud and insert into your post (using the HTML editor)

    In your blog post write-up include your outline / notes created before you started, a list and links to all audio files you found elsewhere, and a screenshot of your Audacity editing screen.

  • Weekly Blog Post From our discussions this week include a summary of your thoughts about the idea of, potential for, problems of serious/empathy games. Use links to references or include conversations from the twitter chat. Share your experiences creating audio. Describe what you added and why) to the Referencium. Describe what you learned or found interesting in the student game idea that you commented on.