Are you feeling animated this week in NetNarr? Have that kind of infinite loop feeling? Here are the things to do for week 6.

This is your list of things to complete for Week 6.0: Reading GIFs is Fundamental.

Also, check these tips for embedding GIFs into your blog posts.

  • Dailies. If you have been consistent with the Dailies, here is your Get Out of Daily Digital Alchemies card! Take a week off. If you are behind, here is a chance to catch up.
  • Three Tweeted Jaw Dropping GIFs. Since we missed doing this in class, review the examples you see in the Jaw Dropping Collection of GIFs for week 6 and tweet out at least 3 (links include in tweet) and why they caught your eye. Be sure to tag your tweets #netnarr.
  • Referencium. As you are reading and learning this week about animated GIFs (resources in the week 6 announcement and the NetNarr GIF Reader) or just in the flow of other things you see online, keep track of anything relevant to our topic of digital art.

    Add at least two summaries of readings, examples, podcasts, tools, artist profiles to the Referencium on Digital Art. Add them to the editable Digital Art Referencium Google Doc including the title, link, a short description, and your twitter name.

    If you are looking for ideas, find them from the links in this week’s course materials, or secondary links from there. Or you can find items from the flow of resources into #netnarr, or anything else you come across.

  • GIF Makes Make sure you complete the two Makes we would have done in class; each one includes creating two GIFs with Giphy Gifmaker, one with caption, one without. The first is from a given clip of a western movie, Many GIFs from one [Western] Video.

    In the second one, This GIFfed Digital LIfe, again make two gifs, one with caption, the other withut, that somehow convery your thinking, worry, questions about the impact of digital technology on our lives.

  • GIF it Up for NetNarr. Okay, go ahead, make a reaction GIF about how it feels to be empowered in the GIF creation process. Have fun.
  • Photograph a Process Think of something you are good at doing, maybe it’s related to the what you made for the Most Fascinating Subject on the World Meme make. Assemble a collection of 5 or more photos that show the steps for the Photograph a Process Make. Guess what, next week we will animate them!

In your weekly blog post summary, write about what ideas you got for the ways animated GIFs might be a way you would like to use to communicate or create in. What did you learn about them that you did not know before? What might you do now that you have gotten a bit of experience creating them? What do you find important to do when making a GIF?

If you shared blog comments this week, what did you learn from looking at someone else’s blog? What constructive help did you receive?

Looking ahead to next week, we will do even more creative work with GIFs, so be thinking about what things, people, objects that you might want to animate.