In this NetNarr twitter chat we will discuss and share our experiences exploring three different games aimed not at entertaining, but at promoting understanding, even maybe generating empathy, or serious issues.

This chat is hosted and taking place during Week 9 class for Kean University students and we hope others join in. We will run this twitter char for 30 minutes starting at 5:30PM ET on Tuesday, March 20.

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We recommend playing ahead of time one of the three games our students will be exploring in class:

  1. Spent is meant to place you in the decision making faced by those poverty in America. Is there any “winning” here?
  2. Bad News puts you in the role of someone generating, spreading fake news in social media. Can playing this out give people a better understanding to help them navigate what is true and what is not?
  3. Syrian Journey Produced by the BBC, this choose your own path game puts you in the role of someone forced to flee the conflict in Syria and find your way to Europe.

If you are looking for more games like this, see Maha Bali’s Digital Literacy class list of narrative games.

Our host and question launcher is @KMarzinsky look for tweets from her bearing the #netnarr hashtag. We will use and suggest the Tweetchat platform, look for activity room at

Possible questions may include:

  • Share about the game you played– how effective it was, what worked/ did not work?
  • Can empathy really be created through game play? How would we know?
  • How well does the experience create care/concern? What are some possible pitfalls of these games?

Selected Tweets

Featured Image: Composite of Pixabay image by aitoff and Pixabay image by fancycrave1 both shared into the public domain using Creative Commons CC0