Our first NetNarr Twitter chat will take place January 30, 2018, hosted and taking place during class for the Kean University students. Anyone else interesting is invited to join along, or respond later.

We will run this for 30 minutes starting at 5:30PM ET; look for questions tweeted from the @netnarr account; reply with the #netnarr hashtag.

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The topic is to share ideas and examples about digital art. Questions might include:

  • What are your favorite examples of digital art? Why?
  • Beyond fun, fulfilment, what are some larger purposes, reasons for creating digital art?
  • What kinds of digital art do you most like to create? (Share some examples?)
  • What suggestions do you have for new digital alchemists on how they can learn to do more digital art?

We hope to tweet you there…

Featured Image: Ben Heine Solo Exhibition at Hyehwa Art Center in Seoul, South Korea flickr photo by Ben Heine shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

A bonus bit of information for those who read to the bottom of the web page; this photo is from an exhibit by Ben Heine on Digital Circlism

It is a modern artistic expression, a mix of Pop Art and Pointillism. It is made with digital tools usually featuring celebrities made of thousands of flat circles on a black background. Almost each circle has a different color, a different size and a different tone.

Read the “more” link there for… a lot more.

Selected Tweets

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