The old time alchemists did not work in pure isolation; digital ones rarely do. We talk and share.

For this current iteration of this course we are running several Twitter chats that are open to anyone interested to participate and tweet along. Some of these may be done in class together, others may take place at other times. And because we have a time zone challenge between New Jersey and Norway, our twitter chats are planned to be both synchronous (if you can) and asynchronous (if you can later).

We will not fiddle with any special tools or special hashtags; if you want to join along, look for announcements here or via @netnarr. Reply, build on ideas, offer resources and please tag anything #netnarr. The format will be fairly simple, an introductory tweet, followed by 2-4 questions. Reply as you wish.

Some of our students will be tasked with providing an archive/summary of the chat, see below for some tips.

2018 NetNarr Twitter Chats

Exploring Serious Games (Mar 20, 5:30PM ET)

Exploring Serious Games (Mar 20, 5:30PM ET)

In this NetNarr twitter chat we will discuss and share our experiences exploring three different games aimed not at entertaining, but at promoting understanding, even maybe generating empathy, or serious issues.
The Simple and Not So Simple Selfie (Feb 13, 5:15PM ET)

The Simple and Not So Simple Selfie (Feb 13, 5:15PM ET)

Our second NetNarr twitter chat is an opportunity for a networked conversation about the act, the artifact, the implications of our socially shared images as selfies. This chat is hosted and taking place during class for Kean University students and we hope others join in like our last one.
Appreciating, Making Digital Art (Jan 30 5:30PM ET)

Appreciating, Making Digital Art (Jan 30 5:30PM ET)

Our first NetNarr Twitter chat will take place January 30, 2018, hosted and taking place during class for the Kean University students. Anyone else interesting is invited to join along, or respond later.

Tips for Participating in Twitter Chats

Alchemy for Tweet Curation

For those taking on the curation of these events, please publish a blog post, and tweet a link to @netnarr so we can add it to the event page. You do not have to include every tweet, just ones you feel are relevant.

If you are using WordPress, its very easy to embed any tweets into a post, by copying it’s individual URL (linked from the time/date stamp), and pasting it in your post editor on a blank line. Watch the magic. So you can write a post with embedded tweets in it, add some commentary, and call it a a day.

You can also consider creating a Twitter Moment, where you select tweets to pull into a collection. See an example and also how to create a twitter moment. They can also be embedded into a blog post.

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