For the week of March 13, 2017, the bus is headed north to the northeast corner of the US, to Vermont.

It’s as much driving the bus to a place on the web as a geographic locale, we are pullng the pus right into the web site of the Young Writers Project.

Our lead host this week is Geoffrey Gevalt, director of the Young Writers Project, and we hope our guides are the teens who actively publish at YWP.

As a question to keep in mind this week, while we have a good idea what a writer is (a person who writes?), what does it mean to be a digital writer?

Pre-Boarding Activities

  • All Kean University students should create an account on the Young Writers Project site before class Wednesday (much of the YWP content is available for public view, so an account not strictly needed for open participants).
  • In lieu of telling you what we think we are not providing you an explanation of the site; instead, we want you to explore, read, tweet, share about what you find there (use the #netnarr hash tag naturally). Share examples for writing that moves you.
  • Review the activities listed in a tour stop area the YWP has set up for us. A number of YWP regular writers will provide us some welcomes. See especially the Sound tab for a media gathering activity we will start in class and continue later in the week.

You Missed the bus but there was a camera recording it all

We had an amazing ride with Geoff, Adele, Isabella, and “Astrobot” from YWP plus Laura with her 6th graders from Rahway, Hailey from Kean, Jude, and your bus drivers, Alan and Mia. There was conversations about writing for the sake of writing, community, feedback, and spontaneously done, 3 read along original poems ON THE BUS!

Later, “Astrobot” shared the poem she shared through chat along with an audio reading. Check out One World on the Young Writers Project.

Featured image: “Bus” pixabay photo by MichaelGaida shared under a CC0 license edited to add “netnarr” and “Alchemy” to the bus, placed atop a screenshot of the Young Writers Project web site and “Vermont Skyline” photo licensed CC-BY from Wikimedia Commons