For the week of March 27, the bus is driving to the far away (from New Jersey) city of Cairo, Egypt.

Our hosts this week include Maha Bali, Hoda Mostafa, and Sherif Osman from the American University in Cairo (AUC). We are continuing our exploration of the lives and experiences of students at two different universities.

The Pre-Boarding Activity

We are asking students at both AUC and Kean University to think of three statements about their lives as a students- two should be true and one a lie (yes this is an icebreaker activity you may have done before).

Please think of your three statements and choose them so it might not be obvious which is truth and which is a lie. We collected Kean University responses in a Google Form and AUC shared theirs via a Google Doc (listed below the video)

Bus Trip Video

AUC Truths and Lies

  1. AUC Campus allows us to bring dogs into.
  2. AUC has a multi-cultural campus.
  3. AUC is the only university in Egypt which provides liberal arts courses.
  1. AUC’s business school is the best in the middle east
  2. AUC students can use the gym for free
  3. AUC’s tuition is so low and anyone can afford it
  1. AUC has a pharmaceuticals major.
  2. AUC provides us with more than 10 food vendors
  3. There is a waterfall in AUC
  1. AUC has one of the biggest libraries in Egypt
  2. AUC is the only university in Egypt that offers an actuarial science major
  3. Visitors are not allowed on campus
  1. AUC is preparing for Pre-med education
  2. AUC offers liberal arts education
  3. AUC was founded in 1919 by Egyptians devoted to education and service in the Middle East
  1. AUC has an option for subscribing for parking for a fee of 300 per semester.
  2. AUC has an entire building dedicated to sports.
  3. We are getting the quality of education we are paying for at AUC.
  1. You are not allowed to stay in a major for more than 7 years.
  2. AUC is a nonprofit organization.
  3. AUC offers a course about the vampires.
  1. AUC has the largest university campus in Cairo
  2. You can buy sushi on campus
  3. Visitors are only allowed on campus until 3 pm

Kean University Truth and Lies

  1. I take at least 2, usually 3, trains to and from campus everyday.
  2. I’ve taken multiple courses seriously discussing religious usage of psychotropic drugs.
  3. I have never once seen an altercation break out on campus over a parking spot.
  1. My life as a student is filled with opportunities to meet new people.
  2. My life as a student is just stressful.
  3. My life as a student helped me grow.
  1. Our professors are awesome!
  2. Networked classes are easier than traditional classes.
  3. Being a student is universally stressful.
  1. Relatives and friends will constantly ask what you want to do with your life.
  2. The population here is very culturally and socially diverse.
  3. The best time to find parking at Kean is always at 4 p.m. (L)
  1. Going to college is the worst experience of my life.
  2. My college always puts students’ needs first.
  3. Going to college is a good way to meet people from all around the world.
  1. forget dinner; the main cafeteria closes at 4:30
  2. the squirrels are more fearless than the students crossing streets in front of cars (complete with that deadpanned “go on hit me; pay my tuition” stare)
  3. the trolleys are very reliable when you need to get to class on time
  1. Being on campus is a friendly environment
  2. I always just teleport to class
  3. Digital Storytelling is one of my favorite courses

Featured image: “Bus” pixabay photo by MichaelGaida shared under a CC0 license edited to add “netnarr” and “Alchemy” to the bus, placed atop “Old Cairo City” a Wikimedia Commons photo licensed under CC-BY