We are going far the week of March 20, 2017, as we are headed down under to Wollongong, Australia.

It’s a long drive, but the Bus is ready. Are you?

Our host this week is Kate Bowles and we are designing activities around the idea of “the storied campus”:

I’m thinking: would it be interesting to ask students to photograph an image of a place on campus where something meaningful has happened for them, to them? A place of memory or resonance, for any reason.

As an example, I have a friend whose dad came to her graduation, and then after he died she felt she could always remember where she saw him sitting on a wall after her graduation ceremony. So this is still about spaces and places, but it’s about recognising that we all personalise spaces that we frequent because we have personal memories.

The Pre-Boarding Activity

In our efforts to see the ways the places we are known are seen by the world via their representation online, our activities will have our Kean University students explore what they can learn a student’s experience is like at Kate’s school, the University of Wollongong, and invite Kate’s students there to see what they can learn about Kean University.

What are your impressions of that place? What images or values come through in your exploration of the university? Does it give a strong sense of place and what it’s like to be a student on that campus?

Find web sites, images, videos that suggest the way each school describes itself.

Then students at each place will attach their own “memory place” stories of their most personally or educationally meaningful moments on campus and include a photo of that place.

Is there a place on Kean’s campus that holds a memory or resonance for you personally? Share a memory that is bound to a specific sense of place on campus. What did you learn there? Why is it a meaningful space?

We are going to share these using the visual noteboard site, “Padlet”. Anyone can add a note by double clicking the area they want to attach it (they can be moved around later by authors) and include media in their notes.

It’s like an infinite virtual space, so scroll around to see the areas we set up for your contributions (and no account is needed).

The Storied Campus padlet

Try it out!

The Bus Leaves is Delayed

Notice: The bus had a flat tire… because of a scheduling challenge we cannot get to Australia this week and we are looking at how to make it happen as part of next week’s bus tour. Stay tuned to this space!

Keep working on the padlet.

Featured image: “Bus” pixabay photo by MichaelGaida shared under a CC0 license edited to add “netnarr” and “Alchemy” to the bus, placed atop Wollongong Panorama Point flickr photo by Pavel Sigarteu shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license