Are they suitable?

They ought to be ready soon, correct Rebeg? We need to test the portals for a larger group, and that the access codes are not to easy to crack. As they say, time is of an essence. The frequency of distress calls from home is worrisome

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Out of the One comes Two, out of Two comes Three, and from the Third comes the One as the Fourth.


  1. Took the code

    3z9h b302xXy //98qts!vr

    popped into rot13 ( converter as Alan suggested to Mia …
    and first used rot24 conversion, then took that result into rot12, then that result into rot6

    and came out with this

    3P9x r302nNo //98gji!lh

    And Alan says to Mia that it is a URL. But … I don’t see that … Do you?

    Need some fellow code-crackers …. or someone to hint at what I messed up ….


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