The journey to finding my 4 elements was actually pretty simple. I found every thing in my backyard. The only thing that is missing is my representation of air. I took a picture of the sky for that and then accidentally deleted it. It was too cold to go back out there again. 😦 It wasn’t what I would have preferred to share anyway. I would have wanted to share the image of breath coming out of a human during cold temperatures where you can see warm breath leaving the body.

For a representation of earth I took a picture of our composting bin. It shows the cycle of life in terms of the substances from the earth. We can use compost to grow different foods that actually have nutrients. When that food grows we eat them and that excess can then return to the earth once again.


For a representation of water I took a picture of snow that was falling today. Snow is water in this process that a scientist could remind me of. I forgot about that process since it’s been so long. Yikes 😄


For a representation of fire I took a picture of a lit oil candle. I really wonder how fire is truly made. Is it alive like people? Why are they so beneficial but yet so dangerous at the same exact time? For now I’ll just gaze at the fire and wonder.


Symbolism of the Elements to Me


Ideally, I wanted to be able to take pictures that expressed exactly what I was thinking about when I think of all the different elements. Unfortunately I couldn’t get them all, so I decided to take a good portion  of my time experimenting with drawing them out (the simple ideas at least.) I’m not claiming to be that kind of artist but throughout the last years or all my life, I like to try my hand at drawing.

The image I attempted to draw is a woman exhaling and inhaling the same air. Air symbolizes the reciprocation we get. When we breath out, we inhale that same air back in. It’s all an exchange.

The next image is of someone (in this case a female) crying. This is for the symbolism of water. In the tarot, cards with water signify high emotions. So water for me reminds me of emotions. Just like the ocean can overthrow us if we aren’t careful so can our emotions do the same to us as well.  The act of crying is very interesting in itself. Why don’t we just cry blood. Why is it salty just like the ocean. Everything is connected.

Ideally for the fire element I wanted to photograph a couple kissing. Since I was home today that was not on my disposal plus I’m not sure anyone that I know in a relationship would allow me to use take a picture of them. I decided to settle with drawing a heart. I spent a good half hour-hour on it. LOL Fire to me is all about passion. It’s always active especially in the right company. One small fire can take over a forest with such infuriating rage consuming everything in it’s path. It’s this same kind of passion that drives love and lust in humans. Imagine that true love is like that uncontrollable fire in the forest. It can be more powerful that anything and everything else that tries to get in its way. It’s like all the opposing forces never even exist/existed. That is truly beautiful to imagine.

The last element is earth. As a certified Reiki Master, we are always taught about grounding ourselves. We are supposed to have our feet on the ground and envision roots connecting with the center of the earth. So I thought about feet as symbolic of earth. The earth supports us up. Thank goodness it doesn’t just cave in everyday like occasional sinkholes and quicksand do. I wanted to take a picture of feet but didn’t want mine to be the ones posted. LOL So I drew footprints instead. Figuratively, people of the past have left many footprints on the earth behind. Instead of letting those just fade away, we make sure to preserve those things they left for others to learn and be guided by.