An anchor of the open course experience we are designing is having one (and hopefully more) on the ground courses that are running concurrently.

This is right out of the ds106 playbook, and like that, there is not a singular replicate course, but overlapping ones. And then a swirling cloud overlay of open participants.

Thus the first one in place, and the one that will drive the content part of this site, will be a Digital Storytelling class offered at Kean University, taught by Mia Zamora and Alan Levine

It must be real, there is a poster:

If I was a student at Kean University, I would be RUNNING to sign up for this course.

If I was a student at Kean University, I would be RUNNING to sign up for this course.

And of course, the poster will not directly mention the “mirror world” — wait, no one said that word.

If you are interested in participating, stay tuned to this space. Check out our concept document if you want to help us plan the open course parts. Wonder about what it might mean to be a networked digital alchemist, what could you do with those powers. Start thinking about if you want to use an existing blog or create a new one to connect into the site (a signup form is coming soon).

Pick up that megaphone and let us know what you think.

Featured Image: flickr photo by Gruenemann shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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Alan Levine feels weird writing about himself in the third person. A 1990s pioneer on the web and early proponent of blogging, he shares his ideas at His interests include web storytelling (#ds106 #4life), mocking MOOCs, daily photography, bending WordPress, and randomly dipping into the infinite river of the internet.

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