This week unraveled a bit. Chaos overtook order. Things are being righted. Courses corrected. Actions taken.

Kean University students got an email on lieu of a blog post; but for the record, this is what they did this week.

Bus Tour 4: Cairo, Egypt

Our last stop in our “Bus Tour” will be was Thursday morning where we met with a class at American University Cairo taught by Maha Bali.

We asked at both AUC and Kean University to think of three statements about their lives as students – two should be true and one a lie. We shared them as well as learned a bit more about lives as students (see the bus page for the lists of all statements). Enjoy the replay!

Storied Campus

Some of you have ventured into the “Storied Campus” padlet to share Kean memories from your personal perspective. What we read there so far has been illuminating. The veil is somehow lifted, and the “real feel” of this place starts to emerge in your personal accounts.

I am able to walk in your shoes more as you open up about how certain places resonate for you in certain ways. I hope that those of you who haven’t yet shared in this space will also jump in an add your perspective into the mix. And I hope you will further reflect on the gap between “the representation” verses “the real”.

Annotating A Campus Incident

The final activity in lieu of our in-person meeting for class is to read and annotate (via the blog post/article entitled “Deeply Aggrieved” by Sean Michael Morris.

Please leave your thoughtful commentary in the sidelines. We hope the article offers further “food for thought”, as we continue to ponder the idea of representing “university life” verses the truth of university lives. We hope that this reading will also prompt further reflection about what it means to learn in the institutional context of higher education. What is at stake? What goals does our overall education serve? Is it possible to develop a cohesive view of student experience?

Stay Tuned for the Next Course Phase

We are going to switch modes in April with an experiential game experience, taking a trip to Arganee itself!

Featured Image: Fraying it Together flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0)


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