Dear Ketsunya,
Privyet! Thank you for coming into a life of your own these past few months. Even though I may have started constructing the idea of who you are, you really become a whole new movement on your own. I chose your name because it meant “kitten” in Russian (maybe that makes me a bit basic because of my love for cats, but I guess that’s another story)— and let’s not forget, you had your cat, Kat, by your side, and the pair of you truly embodied the feline spirit of aloofness, yet watchfulness, as well as lurking around the digital corners of Arganee and rubbing up against the tweets of your fellow alchemists’. I know you have a problem socializing, and not just because of the language barrier— you find it difficult to connect with people, and I can relate to that. While we both love passing conversations, making real bonds and initiating relationships is hard for us. I think by having Kat, a.k.a your third eye, look out for your peers and Arganee, brought you closer to the world in a way you would not have expected. While you didn’t go out of your way to confront a lot of other alchemists, you were still there, silent support and a vested interest in the health of your world. You also tried to keep your friends in the loop with your reports of the changing Arganee weather, which might’ve saved a few people from walking into the occasional fire lightning in the late afternoon.
Also, thank you for serving as such an artistic inspiration for me. Without even seeing you, I could tell that you were a muse in the making. After constructing a physical idea for you when we were building our alchemists, I immediately took to my notebook and started sketching you out even more. That night, I drew several doodles of you, and one of them eventually made it to my tablet. I outlined and painted you in GIMP, and that portrait now serves as your Twitter icon— very cute, if I do say so myself! Kat also found her way in a few of my sketches; after all, you’re one package, so to not include her in a few doodles of you would be criminal. I appreciate that you brought that artistic side out in me— besides poetry, it’s been awhile since I actually had the inspiration to draw and flesh out a character and their backstory. It was really, really enjoyable.
However, I know this isn’t the end. Even though you’ve said you slipped away back to Arganee, I still have an eye on that mirror world— after all, the weather of your world interests me greatly, and I hope you’ll be keeping us updated (who knows, maybe you might even go on to do news reports? Haha!). Also, I have a feeling I’ll be seeing you again soon… maybe not in the coming months, but at the start of next year. I hear there will be another class, and who knows? Maybe you’ll take on a different form. If not an alchemist, maybe a musician, or maybe even a cook (you did great work in Cooking with Anger, you know!). There’s so much magic in your world, I can easily seeing your spirit being brought back to our world in some form.
So don’t stay away too long! Maybe I’ll send you a portrait of yourself here or there. There’s still a part of you that is very alive, so long as you keep telling me about the status of the midmorning cosmic thunderstorms rolling into your world.
your comrade