More of a discussion format in class this week. And meme creating.

This week’s announcement


Asking class to discuss and share memes, it should not be too hard for them. Encourage tweeting too.

On Blogging

Students are not all doing items on the weekly checklist, they need to know this is not optional to get the grades they selected. And that blog writing needs to be good writing. Not everyone seems to understand Hypothesis either. They should be asking for help and seeking TA assistance.

Reinforce the steps for participating in the Referencium; the first one has been closed, and published

Discussion of Black Mirror Episode “Nosedive”

All discussion. Tweeting not necessary. Want the whole group to help piece together the plot. Use the lens of the Story Spine:

Once upon a time there was ___. Every day, ___. One day ___. Because of that, ___. Because of that, ___. (repeat as needed) Until finally ___.

What parallels do we see in our current world? Compare to the plot of The Circle.

But then also have a deep discussion about this possible near future. Examine the lead character; is Lacie likable? someone to identify with? her brother?

Open up door of race representation in the show; the whiteness of the lead character and her circle. Race and Dystopia?

This was dealt with or considered by Rod Serling for Twilight Zone- The Tall Big Wish (1960) featured all black cast but not strictly a black story (?) Watch it

What do we walk away with from Nosedive?

Understanding Memes

A discussion about the biological idea behind the concept; attributes of memes; more than for laughs? self-referential memes, and memes that mutate; relationship with pop culture images used in memes? the people who are accidentally depicted? issues of media rights?

Making Memes

In class work on the three meme assignments in the Make Bank (a fourth will be added soon). They must create/publish memes, and enter them as responses to each Make.