Week 2, January 23, 2018. Our first Studio visit. Will any students be brave enough to return?

Week 2.0: Digital Tracks, Being Tracked, and Tracking Trackers


Since we are doing a Hangout on Air for the studio visit, Alan will initiate the video and send link invite to TA. We will not be on air for the first 25 minutes. Try to get everyone in room to be within the view of the camera. When Brett comes online, and any other guesses, we will orient everyone, then Alan will send the stream live.

Send a few tweets during the visit with the URL for watching, and let me know if you see any questions.

When this is done, Alan will turn off the live stream but we will keep the hangout open to use the video. Then we will go for our longer break.

Links to have open in tabs

Cut and paste tweets

As an opener in #netnarr we are looking at one vision of what mobile technology is doing to us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf9ZhU7zF8s

We are starting our studio visit with @remixmanifesto Watch live at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSQThErIFNE and tweet us any questions via #netnarr

Kean students are doing #netnarr mob of annotation here as a followup to the studio visit with @remixmanifesto Get your Hypothes.is on and join in http://netnarr.arganee.world/studio-visits/brett-gaylor/


  • Watch the Dancing With Panda video. A few minutes of reaction discussion. There won’t be time to do the twitter account stuff until after the studio visit.
  • 5:50PM Get hangout ready….
  • 5:00PM ~ 6:00PM Studio Visit with Brett Gaylor (Alan will operate)
  • 6:00 – 6:15PM break
  • Our Own Twitter Tracks activity Alan will lead by screen sharing. Class will examine their own Twitter Account Analysis . Everyone should save two screens of their analysis by screen capture. Then Alan will demo the Twitter TAGs conversation explorer for #netnarr http://bit.ly/netnarr-tags-explorer and show people how to find their own info. They should screenshot this as well.
  • Blog-o-rama Alan will lead a walkthrough discussion of setting up categories, using media, links.
  • Group Hypothes.is activity. Alan will demo doing annotation on the event page for the Studio Visit; then everyone will do some annotation in class. Try to get people to tweet out their reactions and maybe some photos.
  • The Referencium Quick demo the group document everyone will contribute to.