Week 1, the start, the beginning. Here we go. January 16, 2018.

Week 1.0: Get Started with This Digital Life, Digital Alchemy, and Networked Narratives

Links to have open in tabs

Cut and paste tweets

For our first #netnarr class we are viewing our limited time segment of Network Effect http://networkeffect.io/ Join in, tweet along?

A joint welcome video to #netnarr to students at Kean University and University of Bergen from me and @MiaZamoraPhD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2ooKedNNSA

Kean students are working now in class their first #netnarr Daily Digital Alchemy, drawing their own map of the internet. Maybe you will do one too? http://daily.arganee.world/dda129/


  • Intros / welcomes. Get everyone’s names. Call out students who have taken before. Ask everyone to sit close to laptop so I can hear (or move closer when speaking).
  • Opening Alchemy. Watch Network Effect for the ~8 minutes (send tweet out that we are watching, invite comments). Invite people to come up and choose a different topic / theme from the top, or explore data inside. Feel free to tweet Discuss experience afterward.

    Did you notice that the web site knew where we were? How did it know that? Do you know other information you send when you click a link?

    What did it feel like? How do we generalize all the experience sin the network? Where do our own fit in? Talk about as example of digital art. But is it narrative?

  • Course intro. Show the welcome video from me and Mia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2ooKedNNSA Recognize Hailey and Marissa as TAs, where they are available (Writing Center). Communication is very important. My policy on missing class; no excuses needed, but prior notice is.

    Structure as “open” course; students elsewhere, internet participants. Connect through networked tools. Blogs. Twitter. Hypothesis. More.

  • First two weeks, getting set up, activating twitter, blogs, using hypothesis for reading (next week). Bring laptops to class. Smart phones too (check if anyone does not have access) Each week will introduce Alchemy Tool of the week.
  • Review long blog post announcement before class (show this week’s)
  • Grades. No tests, quizzes. Everything is based on what you do, create, write, interact, produce. Introduce idea of a grade contract. It will be mailed to you after class. You should complete the form I send before next class.
  • Office Hours. Will send link to google form poll https://goo.gl/forms/FF9RD9mqLBQAVaqx1
  • Theme of This Digital Life. Do we think about the ways tech, networks are normalized in lives? Where is your phone? Do you know how much time you interact with it? Do you know people w/o one? Facebook? Idea that “Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born” (Alan Kay). Old ideas of Digital Natives / Immigrants (Mark Prensky). We explore through lens of 3 genres- Digital Art, Gaming, Electronic Literature. And expressing it in different forms of media. We will do a lot of media creation.
  • Metaphor of Digital Alchemy. Who knows anything about alchemy (new students).
  • Narrative vs Story. Show Kurt Vonnegut video, shape of stories. First 40 seconds of Stories We Tell Trailer. Discuss. Return to this in your blog.
  • Web site tour.
  • Blogs, signup. Review Labyrinthus. Who has not finished? If some need to do it, let’s pause. Others, Let’s do some tweeting, or review our own blog. Ideally, get everyone to send a tweet, make a short blog post
  • 20 minute Break. Ask questions.
  • In Class Networked Activity. Today’s Daily Digital Alchemy, map of the internet. How DDAs work. Follow @netnarr on twitter. Pass out templates. Do it. Take pic, tweet with proper tags.
  • More discussion on twitter. Experience students chime in tips (Tweetdeck?) Following others.
  • For this week. Work due end of day Sunday. This week’s blog announcement http://netnarr.arganee.world/week-1-0/. One more DDA this week, 2 a week after. Blog set up (will review next week). First blog post. Use Category/Tag/Label Weeklies. Review the intro to Data Detox.
  • Before Next Class: Watch episode 1 of Do Not Track documentary.

Featured Image: Pixabay image by geralt shared into the public domain using Creative Commons CC0