Below are all the blogs of Digital Alchemists from Open Participants syndicated into Networked Narratives for the 2018 course.

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What the bleep is OMPL?

This site includes 44 total post(s) syndicated for Open Participants 2018 from 9 blogs.

  1. #netnarr – Mark Corbett Wilson (see all syndicated posts by Mark Corbett Wilson) • Twitter: @mcorbettwilson • markcorbettwilson
  2. #netnarr – thisnthat (see all syndicated posts by Graham) • Twitter: @OfWhiterock • wizard_of_whiterock
  3. Amusing Beauty (see all syndicated posts by sophieal8) • Twitter: @Sophieal8 • Sophieal
  4. Digital Alchemy – Coton Tails • Twitter: @mjakubec • Tveitybird66
  5. NetNarr – Kevin's Meandering Mind (see all syndicated posts by dogtrax) • Twitter: @dogtrax • dogtrax
  6. NetNarr – What Else (see all syndicated posts by Ms. Edwards) • Twitter: @grammasheri • sheri42
  7. Networked Stories (see all syndicated posts by Wendy Taleo) • Twitter: @wentale • wentale
  8. NomadWarMachine (see all syndicated posts by NomadWarMachine) • Twitter: @NomadWarMachine • nomadwarmachine
  9. The Adventures of the Internet Kid and Horse (see all syndicated posts by The Adventures of the Internet Kid and Horse) • Twitter: @NetKidHorse •

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