Okay, so you are not interested in creating an account for hypothes.is.

Hmmm. It’s a rather useful tool run be reliable people. But we allow for reasons beyond what we can perceive.

If you are a Kean University student, you should contact your instructor to discuss and design an alternative option for our annotation activities.

If you are an open participant, well to definitely get to make your own choices.

We do want you to know that hypothes.is annotations, like the web content they annotate, is information open to access, to read. Any URL that we are annotating in NetNarr, or that you wish to inspect the annotations of, can be viewed by pasting it’s URL into the hypothes.is “via” tool:

Try it now on a page from the Labyrinthus (this works best in Chrome and Firefox Browsers, Safari seems questionable).

The web page will open with the Hypothesis tools in the upper right corner, click the < button to open the drawer of annotations. Read away.

Viewing hypothesis annotations but not logged in.

If you have changed your mind, you can return later to make your choice about using hypothes.is

I am skipping setting up hypothes.is, what’s next?

Feature Image: Pixabay image by WikimediaImages shared unto the public domain using a CC0 license