We will be communicating with each other, sharing work, asking and answering questions in twitter.

In many ways twitter is effective for people with like interests to share, play, inform, and find others. Many educators consider it important for forming a PLN or Personal Learning Network. For Networked Narratives, we hope it connects participants around the world and becomes itself a means of storytelling and creating characters.

Some of you may be veteran or casual users of twitter, others think it is silly or a terrible place to be online. What was once a peppy upstart social friendlt community, that enabled many voices to speak, maybe stimulated social action, now suffers from trolls, abusers, bots, marketing ploys.

New or experienced, in the interest of trying to maintain some distance from the nasty areas, our suggestion is creating an account that does not include personally identifying information– you always choose to add that later.

But we will not make twitter an absolute requirement for open participants; for Kean students contact your instructors about any concerns about using twitter. We will find alternate means.

In this corridor of Labyrinthus, it’s time to pick a path. We do hope you pick an way that brings you into twitter.

First time tweeter, I will create a new account

Veteran bird, I will use an existing account

Veteran bird, but I want to create a new personality

Pass, I am not going to do twitter

Feature Image: “Animal Art” pixabay image by Open Clipart Vectors shared under a CC0 license modified by Alan Levine placed over a screenshot of the Networked Narratives twitter profile