A digital alchemist needs an online space of their own, a shared notebook, if you will.

This might includes notes and methods, but also journal like entries that help them keep track of their work over time. In Networked Narratives these are individual blogs that you own and manage.

On the Networked Narratives site, we use syndication alchemy to have it continually update it with the most recent activities of everyone involved. These appear on the front of the site.

Each time you update your blog–- behind the scenes your blogs produce something in computer code that broadcasts the time, web location, and content of the new information (for those that care about technological incantations, this is an RSS Feed).

The blog platform you use needs to publish an RSS Feed and has the ability to mark posts with tags. The ones we recommend the most are WordPress (self hosted or at WordPress.com), Blogger, or tumblr.

Note that a few pioneering alchemists are already in the system; if your blog already appears on the Connected Alchemists Roster, then you can skip ahead

Otherwise, on this path, you will make choices about using an existing blog (if you have one) or creating a new one. Either way, two critical web addresses are needed to connect your blog to this site- the address where all of your lovely writing can be seen by the world, and the more cryptic RSS Feed address for the same information.

Have no fears of strange acronyms, our guides well help you.

I already have a blog I would like to use

I need to create a new blog

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