We know so many of you are eager to get news of our project sooner than as soon as possible (ha ha).

Very soon we will let you know how you can add your blog to this site if you wish to plug into the project.

But who remembers to visit a web site? Even with a tweet? So we are rolling out some Victorian email with semi regular updates. You can sign up to get them hand delivered to your inbox (and find letters you missed) or use the form below (we think the signup link is prettier) (don’t you want to look?)

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Featured Image: Vintage Envelope licensed from Public Domain Pictures

Alan Levine
Alan Levine feels weird writing about himself in the third person. A 1990s pioneer on the web and early proponent of blogging, he shares his ideas at CogDogBlog.com. His interests include web storytelling (#ds106 #4life), mocking MOOCs, daily photography, bending WordPress, and randomly dipping into the infinite river of the internet. He and his dog enjoy the peace of a little home in Strawberry, Arizona.


  1. Geoff Gevalt also feels weird about referring to himself in the third person as if he were dead or, even, president-elect, but he does hope he talks with the CogDog himself or his pups to get a better sense of how we can get some kiddos plugged into this concept and how it can relate to what he has been working feverishly on for the last six milleniums or so. And if it requires him to finally get off his ass and shipping some maple syrup CogDog’s way in order to get such a response, so be it. Done. Consider it.

    1. Syrup is not required. You are high on my list to talk to.

      I’m headed tomorrow to Mexico until the 14th, but I can arrange a Skype call later this week. If you want to be in the planning Slack, I will invite you.

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