Digital Alchemy. Cool phrase but, what does it mean?

So, I’m not going to lie. The first thing that comes to mind when I think about alchemy is FMA (Fullmetal Alchemist)–Brotherhood, of course, though I don’t believe I really need to specify that. For those who may not be familiar though, FMA is essentially a manga and anime that revolves around the lives of two brothers who tried to use alchemy to bring their mother back to life–emphasis on tried. See, the art of alchemy requires an exchange–in the FMA world, the exchange must be one thing for something else of equal value. What do you suppose is of equal value to a human soul? If you answered nothing good, you were so close! Case in fact, a human soul costs nothing good an arm and a leg. See? Close.


(Joking aside, this is a phenomenal series about so much more than what little I’ve mentioned and it is totally worth a watch if you get the chance ^.^)

Anyway, enough with the silly side of my impressions. What else comes to mind when I think of Digital Alchemy? Well, again, I get caught on that latter word. Alchemy. To me, alchemy embodies this idea of converting the mundane and worthless into something precious and valuable. More, alchemy identifies this so human desire for and belief in magic–magic that transforms the unwanted into the invaluable. Throughout history, we as humans have craved that kind of power. Revered the art of it as something magickal. Mystical. Redemptive, perhaps.

While belief and, subsequently, faith are not things I put much stock in myself, I do understand them to be themselves just as powerful, if not more so, than the objects of their attentions. So, to me, it is not just the word but the belief in alchemy and what it represents about people which most captures me. Magic–specifically as it pertains to faeries, but that’s another story–and the ideas of it have always fascinated me. There’s nothing that speaks more to who we are as humans, it seems, than our beliefs in the fantastical, the awesome, the otherworldly. We want so much more than ourselves. Want to believe in it. Want it to be real.

Some, I believe, have attributed this kind of desire to greed. Humans are greedy, always wanting more. Never satisfied. And, in some respects, I agree that humans are very greedy creatures. But, I think our beliefs in magic like alchemy also speak to something inherently different. That is, a desire to galvanize so thoroughly there is nothing but gold. We have always wanted to make the ordinary precious because otherwise, what value is there to those ordinary things? If something has no worth to it, why keep it? Alchemy was a way to instill not just worth and value but also purpose.

When it comes to thinking about alchemy and how it pertains to or can pertain to storytelling, both the digital and traditional kinds, this idea of alchemy’s ability to instill worth and purpose stands out. Writing and storytelling is a way to galvanize our own experiences and turn them into something that matters. It is a way to immortalize what has happened as well, immortality something else alchemy was concerned with. Digital alchemy, perhaps, is more concerned with the former–because the ability to engage with many digital pieces hinges upon the technology that is available and, since technology is ever-evolving right now, achieving immortality in the genre poses some issues.

But, back to digital alchemy and storytelling as a whole, I think a large component of it goes back to this core idea of wanting to transform the mundane and ordinary into something that has worth and purpose and agency. Working in an online space allows for so much transformation to occur as well as transportation–ideas and stories can travel just about anywhere anytime. And, isn’t there power in that?

Overall, I guess I see writing itself as a form of alchemy that seeks to transform not just the regular minutiae of everyday but also the unwanted parts of life and experience into something that has value and purpose and so can matter to other people. Speak to them.

Storytelling seeks to be magic, digital storytelling to be modern-day magic.


**Hope you enjoyed my thoughts on digital alchemy. I’m very excited to begin my apprenticeship as a digital alchemist ^.^ I had so much fun last semester delving into elit so I can only imagine that joy will grow this semester!

Sorry I left early last week, btw! It’s not ’cause of anything anyone said, I just had a train to catch! 3 actually, when all is said and done, but if I miss that first one, it throws everything else off! Hope that doesn’t become an issue this semester for anyone!

Also, this blog was the one I used for cataloging my Elit experiences from last semester. Figured I’d re-purpose it since I think my past thoughts and feelings could be insightful at some point. Feel free to check out those old posts too, if you want!!

Catch you on the flip-side!**