Is this checklist a game? Maybe. But it’s to help you go to the next level in NetNarr.

This is your list of things to complete for Week 8.0: This is a Game.

  • Dailies. Complete two Daily Digital Alchemies this week. This should be easy. You should be embedding or at least linking to your DDAs in your blog post. And also writing about your thinking or ideas behind them.
  • Referencium We are starting a new Referencium for games and gaming. Add just one new item this week, and if possible, seek out some podcast episodes about games to review. Use the new document to add your items.

    One possibility is that we can have collection of game descriptions, so you could add an entry for the game you shared. Find the best relevant link to represent the game, and include a description of the game.

  • Weekly Blog Post From our discussions this week include a summary of your first thoughts about the principles and characteristics of games.
    • What did you learn from the game sharing conversation? Include the tweet that someone else made summarizing the game you shared.
    • What can you add from the in-class game experience? What did you notice about your approach to game play? How to do negotiate a new environment?
    • Ponder the videos from Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad. What can you take away from that for creating in audio that works differently from writing text. What podcasts do you find worth listening? why? what hold your attention?
    • Listen to the RadioLab episode on games — what highlights can you share? What did you notice about the way the show is edited and produced? The pace of the show, the way it is organized?

Next week is Spring Break, so there is plenty of time to finish this week’s work. But maybe play the game smart and get it done soon so you can move up to the next level on March 20.