This is your checklist selfie, meaning, the list you should check yourself? Here are the expected products and activities for this week’s work.

This is your To Do list for Week 5.0: Looking into (and out from) the Selfie.

  • Dailies. Keep doing Daily Digital Alchemies, at least 2 this week. Include links and/or embeds to them in your weekly reflection blogpost. More than just putting them in there, write about your Dailies. Where did the idea come from? What did it take to create the response? What is the message it is communicating?
  • Referencium. As you are reading and learning this week about digital art, selfies this week, or just in the flow of other things you see online, keep track of anything relevant to our topic of digital art.

    Add at least two summaries of readings, examples, podcasts, tools, artist profiles to the Referencium on Digital Art. Add them to the editable Digital Art Referencium Google Doc including the title, link, a short description, and your twitter name.

    If you are looking for ideas, find them from the links in this week’s course materials, or secondary links from there. Or you can find items from the flow of resources into #netnarr, or anything else you come across.

  • #SelfieUnselfie Make Complete the Make for #SelfieUnselfie. This includes picking/doing a “traditional” selfie featuring your image, writing/reflecting about what it does not show, and designing an “unselfie” image that represents you in some other way than showing your face. Complete the Artist Statement. Share your image with a #SelfieUnselfie tag in twitter or instagram (or write a seperate blog post that includes everything, and share the link to that in twitter). Add your response to the Make (blue button at the bottom), using the best link that represents your work, and adding the artist statement in the response form.

    Please give this one some extra thought into how you go about it, do not just rush it to get it done. This will be part of an art installation Dr Zamora is creating in Norway!

  • Our Studio Visit Review the archive of our studio visit conversation with Emilio Vavarella and spend some time looking at, and thnking about his digital art exhibits listed there. In your weekly blog post, write maybe about intrigued you, made you curious (or even shrug) at his art? What did you learn from his approach to creating digital art? What does his work say about this week’s theme of digital self representation?

    Here is one more bit of Alchemy magic for your blog post; you can link directly to a specific moment in the archive of the hangout to reference a specific part of the conversation:

    Emilio talks about his 68 folders of “works in progress” for unfinished things

    While watching the video from the YouTube page, using the Share button you can create a link that launches the video at that moment, for example when Emilio talks about “works in progress”. Using these specific links in your blog post about the discussion will make your post even more Champion-like.

  • On Selfies In your reflection post include a description of how you thought of selfies before class, and what if any from our activity with the Google Art and Culture app, the discussion, and the twitter chat, any new ideas or thoughts about selfies. Did any of the links shared get you thinking about selfies in a new way? As two things that might help jog some ideas, consider:
  • Share a link to your weekly blog post in twitter including the #netnarr hashtag. Ask for feedback. Read someone elses post and comment on their work. Aren’t constructive comments nice to both get and give?