Is this checklist a bot? How would you know? Are you a bot? Whether bot or not here is what you should do this week.

Pixabay image by TheDigitalArtist shared into the public domain using Creative Commons CC0

Here is your checklist for Week 12.0: Bot, Not, What?

  • Referencium We have entered the E-Literature segment of the course, so we have a brand new Referencium to work on. Add at least one more this week towards the Referencium for electronic literature, there should be some good ones on bots from this wee. Use this new document to add your items — @MrsJayJ and @RissaVerona are the editors for this one.
  • Weekly Blog Post Share your thoughts and ideas on what you learned about bots this week. How did you do on the bot poetry detection? Describe your thoughts on creating your own twitter bots, what it means to give voice to it, how it interacts with your twitter communication. How did you engage in the Botversation? Were you effective at influencing others? Did you interact with people beyond our class? What came out of that? Share some tweets from the same account that you are sure are human and the ones you are sure are bot.

    Share screenshots of your botometer results from the beginning of the week and at the end of the week- are there any differences?

    Can you see positive uses of bots? Creative? How might you use bots?

Featured Image: Schylling – Replica Atomic Robot Man – Four Mechanic Angels of Destruction Wikimedia Commons image by D.J. Shin licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA license