Creating back stories for classic computer games and interviewing designers of new empathy games, this week we look more into things below and behind the screen.

“Time for your checklist!” says Mario

Here is your checklist for Week 10.0: Games as Story, Story of Games

  • Dailies. We’ve done enough Daily Digital Alchemies… feel free to do more if you enjoy them (hah!). If you are behind on your responses, look through past ones you can complete to make up for missing work.
  • Referencium Continue by adding at least one item to the Referencium for games and gaming.Use new document to add your items.
  • Backstorying a Classic Computer/Arcade/Console Game Write a separate blog post for the Internet Archive game you explored. Include a screenshot from your game play and all the information you found in your research. How would you characterize the game play in terms of Plan, Practice, vs Improvise?

    Then write up a short story that is your own imagined as a back story for the game. Include some kind of additional media- perhaps a GIF or a memer you create, a related YouTube video, or some kind of audio track that can help set the scene for your story. Let your imagination run free.

  • Game Designer Interview Download your recorded questions for AUC student game designers from the padlet. Find some background sound you can include for your audio editing, something that give a feel for the kind of place you imagine having the conversation. Record your own intros and endings directly in Audacity, and edit it all together as a single project. Export your recording to SoundCloud and include in your weekly summary.

    This audio project is due in 2 weeks, April 10. For this week, you should record all your questions in the padlet.

  • Weekly Blog Post Include reflections on the discussion of game play types and the elements of games brainstormed, as well as your thoughts on the two assignments above.