The first bus stop, the week of February 27, is on the west coast of Mexico, the Pacific ocean facing city of Puerto Vallarta.

Our local host is Laura Aguilar, a professor who teaches tourism at the University of Guadalajara in Puerto Vallarta— “Centro Universitario de la Costa”. Follow Laura on Twitter at @LauraAguilar68 and @turismoudeg.

From Laura’s profile:

Estudiante de la vida, Profesora Universitaria y Libre Pensadora. Creo en las Acciones Colectivas y la Cultura del Bien Superior,Rebelde con Causas. #Cacao

or in English

Student of life, University Professor and Free Thinker. I believe in Collective Actions and the Culture of Superior Good, Rebel with Causes. #Cocoa

The Kean University students will connect with Laura and some of her students in class Wednesday, March 1.

Since she knows much about food (especially chocolate) we have planned some pre-meeting activities, that everyone can join in, that start with our own relationships to cooking, eating, etc.

Pre-Boarding Activities

We are asking those on the bus to share what they know about Puerto Vallarta and Mexico (Laura’s locale) as well as the Northeast USA and New Jersey (Kean University locale) in an open Google Document.

In addition, we are asking anyone interested to share photos of the following:

  • Show us the most used part of your kitchen
  • Show us your spices
  • Show us your favorite restaurant, one that only locals know about
  • Show us something you typically eat for lunch at school or work

Then it will be up to our #netnarr students and participants to blog about our connections found in this bus tour stop.


In our discussion after the tour we laughed at but also talked about the dangers of stereotypes in the series of “America First / World Second” videos. Here is a playlist of a few of these videos (the top left icon lets you navigate the list)

Featured image: “Bus” pixabay photo by MichaelGaida shared under a CC0 license edited to add “netnarr” and “Alchemy” to the bus superimpose in an aerial photo of Puerto Vallarta.