For the week of March 27, the bus is driving to the far away (from New Jersey) city of Cairo, Egypt.

Our hosts this week include Maha Bali, Hoda Mostafa, and Sherif Osman from the American University in Cairo (AUC). We are continuing our exploration of the lives and experiences of students at two different universities.

The Pre-Boarding Activity

We are asking students at both AUC and Kean University to think of three statements about their lives as a students- two should be true and one a lie (yes this is an icebreaker activity you may have done before).

Please think of your three statements and choose them so it might not be obvious which is truth and which is a lie. Please (anonymously) enter them into our web form so we can explore them during our live hangout.

We may also share some of the keychain stories we did for Daily Digital Alchemy 25 and ask people to share on live in the hangout (so bring your keys!)

The Bus Leaves

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We will have about 7 seats available in the hangout, so if you would like to participate, please sign up.

Or show up here to watch live on March 30:

Featured image: “Bus” pixabay photo by MichaelGaida shared under a CC0 license edited to add “netnarr” and “Alchemy” to the bus, placed atop “Old Cairo City” a Wikimedia Commons photo licensed under CC-BY