What you only have one twitter account? An alchemist often needs several to conduct their creativ works.

You can do this by (a) logging out of your current account; (b) using a second web browser or device where you are not logged into twitter; or (c) in Chrome try FileNew Incognito Window.

If you need a reminder of the steps for creating a twitter account, we have that place for you in the Labyrinthus.

Note that you will have to use an email address that is different from what is used in other twitter accounts. You can consider (a) creating a Yahoo mail account (b) creating a new gmail account in a browser where you are not logged into your regular account; (c) If you have a gmail.com account you actually have an “infinite” number of other email addresses — if you add a string after your user name separated by a plus sign, other web sites consider it a unique address, but all email goes to your main account… for example if I am rebegthemagnificent@gmail.com I can use as a unique new address something like rebegthemagnificent+arganee@gmail.com. To a web site, it looks like a different email address; to a gmail account it all goes into the one for rebegthemagnificent@gmail.com.

Create a new twitter account for your new alchemy character. But witter will ask for a phone number to authenticate new account, and you cannot use the same one that you entered for your primary account. We have some alchemy to get around this.

You can reuse your own cell number from your regular twitter account by texting “stop” to 40404, and then re-use your number for setting up your new account. Once set up, you can do the same thing to disconnect your phone from the new account.

Walk through the setup process and avoid all the stuff twitter wants you to do to add followers. Use a new avatar. And in the bio, create something to suggest who you might be.

Once in, send a tweet! Use #netnarr to announce yourself. Look for others in the stream to follow and Follow @netnarr.

See twitter’s info for managing multiple accounts.

And now you can tweet from any account you choose. Or even tweet to yourself.

Featured Image: Longshan Temple – Fenghuang.jpg Wikimedia Commons Image by Bernard Gagnon shared under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA license.