Alan Levine

Alan Levine

Alan Levine feels weird writing about himself in the third person. A 1990s pioneer on the web and early proponent of blogging, he shares his ideas at His interests include web storytelling (#ds106 #4life), mocking MOOCs, daily photography, bending WordPress, and randomly dipping into the infinite river of the internet. He and his dog enjoy the peace of a little home in Strawberry, Arizona.


Week 9: Storied Places

Grand places are memorable. But equally memorable are places that appear ordinary but are attached to our personal, grand experiences. They are part of a larger narrative, and what we will explore this week. But first, let’s deal with… Do you have Audio Anguish? Last week we introduced activities where we had to record, share, and edit audio. Are you free from anguish? What problems, challenges did you have? We will give our Kean students a chance to express (yell?) […]